For the second day in a row there’s a new common posted price for gasoline in Fort St. John.

It is now down to a dollar 13 point nine cents a liter, meaning there’s been a six cent drop this week.

According to the latest survey that’s pretty well in line, with what’s happened elsewhere in the country in the past week.

The new 60-city monitor of Calgary-based MJ Ervin and Associates shows, the national average has dropped by 6 point 6 cents a liter.

However, it remains about 15 cents lower than the aforementioned Fort St. John price at 98 point 8 cents.

In fact, there are now 15 survey centres in the country where the price is below a dollar a liter, including all five in Alberta.

Fort St. John still has the highest price among the six survey cities in BC and, Kamloops has the lowest, at a dollar 6 point seven cents a liter.

Among the non-survey cities in this province, BCGasPrices-dot-com shows, Terrace with the lowest regular price at a dollar a liter and, Fort Nelson with the highest, at a dollar 41 point nine.