The second day of an inquest into the death of a man after his arrest continued today in Fort St. John.

Larry McPherson was pronounced dead in hospital on August 28th after an early morning altercation with police.

After starts and stops yesterday caused by two witnesses that failed to appear to give testimony, the inquest was finally able to get back on schedule by the end of today. The inquest heard from several witnesses today, including McPherson’s friend Todd Gobout who appeared via videoconference in Terrace. Gobout testified that he and McPherson had being staying in hotels in Fort St. John and taking cocaine on and off for a few days when an altercation with a drug dealer caused McPherson to become unduly paranoid. He also testified that McPherson had done a large amount of crack cocaine during the evening leading up to the day he died.

The jury also heard accounts of the morning from a security guard, several police and a paramedic. Many of the questions the jury asked the group centred on the degree of first aid rendered to McPherson when he became unresponsive while in police custody.

The inquest will hear from more wintesses tomorrow, including the doctor who performed McPherson’s autopsy.