There are fears the Western Canada shortage of diesel fuel will mean fewer jobs and, higher grocery prices if it continues, much longer.

The Edmonton Sun is quoting Dave Deering, who runs a towing and hauling business in Spruce Grove, as saying, “Wait two months and we’ll be down to a standstill here”.

Mr. Deering, says he has already heard of truckers being laid off, because of the diesel shortage.
He says the closest place he can count on having diesel is Fort St. John, where he has to join large trucker lineups waiting to fill up … at about $1.40 a litre.

He’s not happy that diesel coming out of refineries around Edmonton is being shipped off to northern B.C. and Montana.

He’s also quoted as saying he’s suspicious the shortage is a ploy to drive up the price of crude oil, which has lost about half its value in the last few months.