Update: Police say Ludwig not a suspect in bombings; Pick-up truck tip eliminated

RCMP are now saying a tip provided by hunters near the second of two EnCana pipeline bomb attacks last week has been ruled out. The tip involved a pickup truck seen near the site of that blast. Police say they have investigated the tip but the possibility of the truck’s involvement in the attack has now been eliminated.

Meanwhile, police have questioned anti-Oil and Gas activist Wiebo Ludwig in connection with the bombings of 2 EnCana pipelines last week in the Tomslake area near the BC/Alberta border.

In an interview with CTV, Ludwig said the media was too concerned with the danger of the attacks when they should be concerned with the danger of escalating oil and gas activity in the area, calling the industry “serial killers.”

Ludwig spent 2 years in jail in connection with a series of bombings on oil and gas infrastructure near his home near Hythe, Alberta in the late 1990s.

Police say they are literally leaving no stone unturned in this investigation, but they insist that Ludwig is not a suspect in their case.

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