The city of Dawson Creek has suffered the loss of another of its most prominent citizens.

Artist Edna McPhail died yesterday evening at the age of 85. Born in Medicine Hat, McPhail moved to Dawson Creek in 1950 to teach.

Ellen Corea of the Dawson Creek Art Gallery says she considers McPhail both a mentor and her best friend, saying her ability to touch people of all ages, and her limitless energy, made her invaluable to the community.


Among other things, McPhail started the first kindergarten in Dawson Creek, served as chairperson of the library board, and started the city’s beautification committee. She was also, of course, the driving force behind the creation of the Dawson Creek art gallery, and has been teaching a senior’s art program in the gallery for over 20 years.

Edna McPhail is survived by her sons and her husband, Jim.