As we enter Waste Reduction Week here in Canada, our local Northern Environmental Action Team, or NEAT, is hoping to inspire residents to live greener lives through a night of film.

Wednesday night, the group will present the movie “Garbage! The Revolution Begins at Home.” The movie chronicles one family’s efforts to take an inventory of just how much waste they make. Morgan Peltier, who organized the event for NEAT, says the film may leave viewers thinking of waste and the garbage process in a whole new way.

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The event coincides with Zero Waste Wednesday, a Canada-wide initiative to eliminate waste for a day in an effort to raise awareness of just how much garbage the average person throws out every day. The day encourages people to take simple steps to eliminate the use of throw-away items in their everyday lives.

“Garbage! The Revolution Begins at Home” will be showing at Whole Wheat and Honey Cafe on Wednesday night at 7pm. Admission is free, and NEAT will be offering snacks and beverages. They remind you to bring your reusable mug.