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This map shows the approximate locations of both attacks.

The RCMP is now saying that a second explosion has occurred on a sour gas pipeline in the Dawson Creek area.

Photo: This aerial photo shows the second bombing location just west of the Alberta Boarder near the 201 Road – Andrew Tylosky/

Pipeline workers discovered a crater underneath a section of pipeline this morning. The incident occurred about half a kilometre from the Alberta border, off of Highway 2 on the 201 Road. No one was injured in the blast. Police stated in a release this morning that the pipe did not rupture, but Sgt. Tim Shields with the Strategic Communications Division of the RCMP is now saying that the explosion did cause a small leak in the pipe which has since been contained. Shields also said the explosion appears to be related to another attack on the same EnCana pipeline last weekend.

The RCMP is urging oil and gas workers in the area to be extra vigilant and to make a note of suspicous vehicles’ descriptions, licence plates, and directions of travel. Any tips should be directed toward the RCMP department.

The explosions come after an anonymous letter was sent to some local media outlets in Chetwynd and Dawson Creek. The letter called Gas companies “terrorists” and asserted that local families were in danger due to “crazy expansion of deadly gas wells in our homelands.” The letter demanded that the companies cease their activities by noon last Saturday.

Shields says the Integrated National Security Enforcement Team is now involved in the matter.

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