The final poll of the federal election campaign suggests Stephen Harper is poised to win another minority.

The Canadian Press Harris-Decima rolling survey puts support for the Conservatives at 34 per cent, followed by Stephane Dion’s Liberals at 25.

Jack Layton’s New Democrats have the backing of 19 per cent of respondents. In vote-rich Ontario, the Conservatives are in a statistical dead heat with the Liberals — 35 to 33 per cent. The Liberals hold a big lead in Atlantic Canada.

The Tories are tops in the West.

Politicians are making a frenzied pitch for votes in the final day before Canadians go to the polls tomorrow.

The Conservative and Liberal camps will both travel from coast-to-coast today.

Stephen Harper began his day in P-E-I. He’s still battling for support in Quebec, and repeated a warning that a vote for the Bloc will only serve to isolate Quebec. The Conservative leader now travels on to Fredericton and then closes out his campaign in Vancouver.

Stephane Dion was also in Fredericton this morning, before whirl-wind stops in Quebec and Manitoba.

Dion says he’ll travel right across the country in a last-ditch effort to draw votes away from the New Democrats and Greens.

Dion will wrap up his day in B-C, where the Liberals aren’t expected to win more than two-or-so seats.

N-D-P Leader Jack Layton is urging his party’s supporters to spend a little Thanksgiving time with voters, to convince them to vote New Democrat in the election tomorrow. Layton spoke today in Oshawa, Ontario.