It seems an electronic glitch has left some of Canada Post’s box customers locked out for the past two weeks.

Customers who access post office boxes in the main Fort St. John postal office before staff arrive at 8:30am have been unable to check their mail. This despite hours posted on the front door that state mailboxes are accessible at 7am.

Canada Post says the lockout is the result of a power outage that left 3000 customers, including Canada Post’s main office in Fort St. John, without power for part of September 30th.

The company says that outage reset the electronic system that automatically opens the doors to the post office box corridor in the building at 7 am.

Canada post spokesperson Lillian Au says the company thought the problem had been fixed, as they didn’t receive any complaints from customers who found themselves locked out in the morning.

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Au says that problems with local postal equipment should be directed to the office here in Fort St. John.