SD59 fails to check records of kidnapped girl

School District 59 has been called out by Education Minister Shirley Bond for failing to obtain school records after it placed a girl who was alledgedly kidnapped from the states in classes.

Bond says that the district didn’t get the required documents to place the girl in classes in the district. She says the district has been informed of the levity of the issue.

BC requires proof of citizenship, as well as a student record from a previous school, in order to accept a transfer student. Although a forged passport was provided to school officials, the district never obtained records for the girl.

Assistant Superintendent for SD59 Rob Dennis says that the district can’t be held responsible for not knowing her passport was forged.

Shanae Peterson was taken from Idaho in 2006 by her mother and stepfather, who did not have custody of the girl at the time. The girl had been living in Dawson Creek as Shannon Evans until late last month, when an acquaintance of her father saw his picture on the TV show “America’s Most Wanted” and sent in a tip.

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