Real estate numbers in Fort St. John have increased over last year.

Fort St. John Realtors reported 632 sales with a value of $170.7 million. That’s up from last year’s 594 sales worth $147 million. These numbers reflect year to date sales compared to last year at this time.

Fort St. John is one of the only regions to see an increase over last year. Overall in the Northern part of Province real estate numbers are down 26% over last year.

President of the Northern BC Real Estate Board President Willy Berger says “In a changing market like we are currently experiencing in most areas of northern BC, sellers must be aware of local trends. Price and condition of home are currently more applicable than ever, for those sellers who want to sell in a reasonable time
period. It is a good market for buyers in most of our communities; a good inventory gives them a bit more time to choose that “dream home”.”

In all areas it took, on average, 52 to 56 days for these homes to sell.