Paving on 100th Avenue Frustrates Local Business Owners

Photo: 100th Ave between 93rd Street and 88th Street is currently being expanded to four lanes – Adam Reaburn/

As paving on 100th Avenue continues, some local business owners are saying their businesses are suffering unecessarily as a result.

Mike Glover, Store Manager at Woodland Tim-Br-Mart says although he feels the project will have positive effects for 100th Avenue businesses in the long run, he’s currently frustrated because many access points to his business have been closed off by the paving. Glover says that summer is his busiest time of year, and he feels that he’s lost new and loyal customers as a result of the construction. He’s also frustrated by a lack of response by city officials to his concerns. Paulette Martin of Simply Music says her customers have also been inconvenienced by the lack of adequate access to her business. [asset|aid=219|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=Paulette Martin_1_Pub.mp3] Victor Shopland, Director of Infrastructure and Capital Works for the city, says the paving contractors and the city are working to reduce the impact on local businesses. [asset|aid=220|format=mp3player|formatter=asset_bonus|title=Vic Shopland_1_Pub.mp3] Shopland expects the paving to wrap up soon. However, businesses on 100th Avenue are facing another six weeks of work next summer, when the north side of the road is scheduled to be paved.