There’s been a considerable amount of economic uncertainty in the wake of recent bank closures in the US. At last night’s Federal Election Forum in Fort St. John, residents got to hear some very different opinions on what Canada should do to avoid the same fate.

Conservative and NDP views faced off at last night’s All Candidate’s Forum in Fort St. John. Over the evening, Tory incumbent Jay Hill and NDP Candidate Betty Bekkering found themselves at opposite ends of the debate on many issues, including what to do in the face of economic turmoil south of the border.

On the topic of maintaining economic stability in the face of bank closures and a growing stock market slump in the US, Hill stated that his government has set conditions for a successful economy through corporate tax cuts.

Bekkering, however, says her party would bolster a slipping economy through investing in green-collar jobs, including a green makeover for the troubled auto manufacturing industry.

Both Hill and Bekkering also noted that the regulation of the banking industry in Canada offers some assurance against the types of bank closures seen in the US in the past few weeks.