Civic Nominations begin Today

This is the first day for filing nomination papers at City Hall, for this year’s November 15th Civic Election.

There were no eager beavers who filed within the first half hour this morning, and prior to today, none of the incumbent city council candidates nor Mayor Eglinski, had officially announced re-election intentions. Councillor Larry Evans was the top vote getter in the 2005 election, which drew only 26 percent of the eligible voters.

As bad as that is, it was higher than any of the previous four general elections in Fort St. John and, the 1998 by-election which drew less than 8 percent. However, there are signs interest is running higher than normal this year and, dissatisfaction with the most recent budget process, may be the main reason.

It is expected to be the key campaign issue and, there’s also speculation it may draw, one or more of those, who publically expressed concerns about tax increases, during the multi-draft budget process, into the council and/or mayoralty races. The deadline for filing nomination papers is, 4pm on October 10th.

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