Coalbed Methane Moratorium

Members of the BC First Nations Summit have voted unanimously for a 10-year Coalbed Methane moratorium.

The decision follows a similar one made the Union of BC Municipalities Conference. Clarence Wilson with the West Moberly First Nations says the main concerns are over the major differences between drilling for Coalbed Methane and tradition drilling.

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In addition to a moratorium, the resolution calls for the BC government to work with First Nations and others to develop a rigorous regulatory regime and inclusive process for deciding if and where CBM drilling occurs.

Coalbed Methane projects are currently being proposed near Hudson’s Hope, Fernie and Princeton to name a few.

The BC First Nations Summit is comprised of the majority of First Nations and Tribal Councils in BC, and provides a forum to address treaty issues and other matters of common concern.

Opponents of coalbed methane development cite habitat fragmentation, risks to water, ineffective regulations, and a lack of local economic benefits as primary concerns. To date, coalbed methane has never been developed in a wild salmon watershed.

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