In the volatile world of energy prices a barrel of oil costs more than it did yesterday morning and, a liter of local gasoline costs less.

For the second day in a row the common posted price of gasoline in Fort St. John, fell two cents yesterday and, at last report was pegged, at a dollar 49 point nine cents a liter.

Meantime, light sweet crude for October delivery rose, about six dollars U.S. yesterday, to settle at just over 97 dollars a barrel.

Still, that is 50 dollars less than it was two months ago and, the local gasoline price, is still nearly five cents higher, than it was at that time.

It should also be noted, that as of early this morning, the high-end Fort St. John price for gasoline, at the 100th street Esso outlet, was still at a local record, one dollar 57 point nine cents a liter…unchanged since last week’s 11 and a half cent increase.