Energy Minister Richard Neufeld, and the BC government have received a vote of confidence in a report, from the Canada West Foundation. Entitled, Canada’s Power Play, it says BC has arguably the most aggressive climate change and energy policies in the country. The report is the culmination of a series, of energy sector consultation roundtables, held in the four western provinces in April. The Edmonton Journal meantime, say the report, intended to influence the Alberta government, is also pushing nuclear power, as the way of the future. It says if the province encourages the industry’s development…it would create more jobs, strengthen international economic competitiveness, increase energy independence and, reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Bruce Power has proposed building up to four reactors, to produce four thousand megawatts of electricity, at a site west of Peace River, near the BC boundary, northeast of Fort St. John. However, it says it is still evaluating sites, within a 40 kilometer radius of Peace River, to make certain it chooses the best one, for the facility.