Gasoline Prices

It’s taken nine weeks but finally there is a price drop of note at the gasoline pumps in Fort St. John.

While the average price according to the national survey recorded yet another decrease last week, to $1.272 per litre, the common posted price in Fort St. John has slipped $0.03 a litre, to $1.424.

The high-end local price at the Esso outlet on 100th Street and 93rd Avenue has dropped even further, by $0.05 a litre, to $1.459.

However, the local common price is still about $0.30 a litre higher than it was this time last year, while the national average is still up about $0.26, on a year over year basis.

Two cities now have survey prices below $1.20 a litre. They are Ottawa and Kingston, Ontario at $1.195 and $1.162, respectively.

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