Emergency personnel are calling a hiker’s survival of a grizzly attack in the Rocky Mountain Foothills a miracle.

The man is listed in stable condition in hospital following the attack, which he claims caught him by surprise. It occurred during a West Central Alberta bush hike, on Saturday, about 50 km west of Hinton on the perimeter of Jasper National Park.

According to one of the first emergency personnel to respond, the hiker claimed the bear bit him and then left him alone for a time. However, it then returned, batted him around some more and then…and this is miracle part…apparently let him walk away.

The hiker tore up his shirt and used the strips to treat his wounds. He then walked 2 km back to his truck and drove himself another half kilometer to the nearest community.

There, he stumbled into the local general store, bleeding from the mouth and nose, screamed for someone to call 911 and was subsequently taken to Hinton by ambulance.