Photo: The Osborne River Fire is 340 hectares in size – BC Forest Service

The Fire northeast of Fort St. John near Osborne River is now 340 hectares in size.

The report earlier this morning from the Forest Service stated it was only around 200, but after having a better opportunity to see the fire during daylight, the forest service has come out with this new estimate.

The fire started yesterday morning and currently 3 forest crews are working the fire along with 4 helicopters and 5 pieces of heavy machinery. The latest update says crews have been able to drop fire activity as well as it’s now moving into area’s where the fire has already burnt, dropping the burn rate significantly.

The fire is causing a lot of smoke in the Fort St. John area after the wind shift this morning blowing smoke into our community. The forest service says the fire started because of lightning. The fire is not near any commercial or residential property.

Photo: Below is another photo of the fire courtesy of the BC Forest Service