Nova Star Hotel Fee Waiver Decision Postponed

The City has postponed a decision on whether or not to waive permit fees for the Nova Star Hotel. Daniel Bae was before council on Monday night, requesting that the City waive its building and plumbing permit fees for the Nova Star Hotel.

Bae says he has already paid these fees once before, to the tune of over $20,000. When the Nova Star burned down last year, Bae was covered for many of his costs by his construction insurance – but not for the permit fees.

He says he wants to rebuild in FSJ, with the same building plan as before. He doesn’t feel it’s fair that he should have to pay the fees again (in fact, they would be slightly higher this time) just because he was a victim of arson.

Councillor Lori Ackerman, like most of the Councillors, says she feels for Bae, though she can’t understand why his construction insurance won’t cover the bill.
Bae’s original permit expired after two years. Council postponed a decision on Bae’s request until more information can be obtained about his insurance claim.

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