Lights out for FSJ youth?

Should young people in Fort St. John be subject to a curfew?

That was the topic of the day at Monday’s regular City Council meeting. After receiving complaints from residents about noise and vandalism, Councillors began to consider whether, and how, a curfew should be enforced.

Councillor Karen Simpson is one of those supporting a curfew. She says there’s no reason for most young people to be out late at night, and a curfew would be a reasonable measure to ensure the public isn’t paying for young peoples’ behaviour.


As to whether or not it’s fair to restrict all young people just because a few of them have caused problems…

Councillor Lori Ackerman agrees, saying existing laws (such as those against noise, littering, or vandalism) only work when you catch the person responsable.

Councillor Larry Evans is also interested in the idea. Evans says he lived under a curfew once before, and it targeted the wrong age group. Evans thinks it’s those between 16 and 19 causing most of the problems, so it should be they that are restricted.

For his part, Mayor Eglinski says it’s not going to be an easy debate. A curfew would be difficult and expensive to enforce, and council will need the input of residents, among other groups, before it proceeds.

No decision has been made yet on a potential curfew;Council has asked City staff to investigate the issue further, and it will be subject to continuing evaluation.

To hear the entire discussion about the curfew with members of the Fort St. John Media Click Here

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