Photo: A Pacific Coastal Airlines Grumman Goose, crashed on northern Vancouver Island

A plane carrying 7 people from Port Hardy to Chamiss Bay on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, crashed into rough terrain, killing 5.

The Grumman Goose, owned by Pacific Coastal Airlines Crashed minutes after take off. RCMP Constable Sarah Beckett says even after making cell phone contact with one of the survivors, it was a challenge to find the crash site.

“There was approximately 50 foot trees in the area, so it was very difficult for search and rescue to actually see the crash site as it was. i guess at some point the caller could see the plane go by, like over top of them, and they couldn’t see them because the brush was so thick.”

The plane went down near Alice Lake, just north of Port Alice. The names of the 5 peope who died have not been released. Several agencies are involved in the investigation. A Canadian Forces Buffalo scheduled to participate in the Dawson Creek Airshow today, was called away to help in the search for this plane.