Robin Baillie won a windy Baldonnel 16 km time trial Thursday night, with a time of 22:37 minutes. Jake Elliott and Bob Andrews tied for second at 25:31. Pat Ferris was third at 25:41. Billy Bucknall was 4th at 25:59 and Simon Andrews 5th at 27:44.

Sandy McDonald was 6th at 28:04, Richard Wood 28:26, Peter King 29:30, Erik Snucins 28:39, Erma Stanonik 30:14, Sam Keats 30:32, Ken Nix 30:36, Owen Giebelhaus 30:49 and Mae West 41:45.

The McDonnell boys did 21:38 minutes for the 8 km distance.

Coming up:
– Sunday is the S & S Turbines Hill Climb Championship on the Bear Flats hill at 10:00 am. This is a long 8.3 km distance.
– Some Blizzards are also running in this weekend’s “Death Race” in Grande Cache, Alberta.
– Monday is the Ole Lake road race at 10:00 am.