Tumbler Ridge Forest Fire & Provincial Fires

Forest Fire Crews have begun an initial attack on a fire near Tumbler Ridge. The fire was discovered today (July 1st) about 30km West of the community in the area of Windfall Creek. The fire is approximately 120 hectares in size. At this time the fire hasn’t caused any problems in the area. There are also reports there are several fires in the area with this one being the largest, all of which were started by lightning. Mean while in the rest of the province more than 50 people are working to contain a wildfire west of Jackass Mountain. Highway One west of the mountain remains closed because of falling debris. Dale Bojara of the B-C Forest Service says the hot temperatures are posing a challenge to the people battling the blaze. The fire was triggered by a burning car Sunday afternoon.

Below is a map of the approximate location of the Tumbler Ridge Fire


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