Final Results from the Links Open

Photo: Some of the ladies that participated in the annual Links Open, including Fort St. John’s Kirby Dreher. Ted Sloan/

In the Ladies Championship Flight
1) Annette Reeder-170

In the Ladies Flight
1) Jackie Carew-204
2) Jan Jorven-207

3) Keri Amunolsen-213

4th Flight
1) Scott Templeton 187
2) Stephen Barerstock/Mike Meyer 197
3) Mike Fraser 202

3rd Flight
1) Corey Worth-175
2) Kevin Pearson-185
3) Pat LeBeau-188

2nd Flight
1) Terry Giesbrect-174
2) Mike Holland-178
3) Mark Shuster- 181

1st Flight
1) Ray Asai-161
2) Sonny Houang-163
3) Jadon Christianson-165

Championship Flight
1) Shelby Dreher- 145 (won in a playoff)
2) Ritchie Hoskar-145 (lost in playoff)
3) Toby Coyle-147


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