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The N-D-P claims a new poll shows there’s overwhelming opposition in B-C to the provincial government’s carbon tax, which took effect on Canada Day.
Opposition leader Carole James says, an Angus Reid survey conducted earlier this month shows, more than two thirds of provincial residents opposed to the tax.
In addition, almost 90 per cent think it’s unfair that ordinary consumers are paying it, while big polluters are not.
Bolstered by the poll, the N-D-P says it will step up its efforts in the coming weeks to gather signatures on a petition to axe the tax, which added nearly two and half cents, to the cost of a litre of gasoline.
Meantime, the national average price has dropped another 3.7 cents a liter and, is now again below a dollar and 30 cents.
At a dollar 29 point two it is also, more than 15 cents below the common posted price in Fort St. John.
Up until this morning , it had held firm at a dollar 45 point four cents a liter, since the imposition of the carbon tax.
Then prior to opening this morning, the Petro-Can filling station, on 105th avenue and 100th street, posted a price drop…albeit, only one half of one cent a liter.
However, by nine o’clock it had disappeared and, the price was back up, to where it’s been all month.
That’s in sharp contrast to prices in the majority of the 60 Ervin survey cities, with 54 of them recording price drops, up to 10 cents a liter in the past week.
That’s is line with what’s happening with the price of crude oil, now about 25 dollars a barrel below this summer’s peak.

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