Photo: Terry Stone passed away this spring and Sunday the Blizzard Bike Club held a time trial and ride in his memory. Submitted

Thirty-five riders converged on Hudson’s Hope, B.C., for the Terry Stone Memorial Time Trial and Ride on Sunday.

Terry Stone was a long-time Blizzard cyclist who passed away this spring. The race/ride was a celebration of a man the Club, friends and family held near and dear.

Pat Ferris was the winner of the 40 km time trial event with 1:04:13 hours on the hilly, hot and breezy course. Bob Andrews was second at 1:07:19 and Gord Harris third at 1:11:51. Trevor McDonnell was 4th at 1:12:22 and Simon Andrews 5th at 1:12:31.

Other times were: Kathryn Fairweather 1:14:03, Gilbert Bilodeau 1:14:05, Sandy McDonald 1:14:38, Jolea Bilodeau 1:15:43, Richard Wood 1:16:58, Jason Naisby 1:17:18, Rob Scorey 1:17:48, Sam Keats 1:17:51, Erma Stanonik 1:19:38, Ken Nix 1:19:55, Wim Kok 1:20:48, Owen Giebelhaus 1:22:06, Lisa Boda 1:22:56, Bill Lindsay 1:36:00, Hilda Bilodeau 2:16:09 and Terry Peresini 2:21:12.

Estelle Nix did 52:24 and Suzy Bach 56:17 for the 20 km distance.

Kendra Young is bringing home 2 silver medals from the BC Summer Games in Kelowna. More complete results to follow.

Colter Young is racing at the Tour de L’Abitibi with the Alberta Junior team. Results were unavailable at press time, we’ll keep you posted as we get the results.

Coming up:
– Thursday, July 31st, Baldonnel time trial at 7:00 pm.
– Sunday, August 3rd, the S and S Turbines Hill Climb Championships on the Bear Flats Hill at 10:00 am.
– Monday, August 4th, the Ole Lake (Alberta) Road race at 10:00 am followed by a BBQ.
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