The Peace Valley OSB plant has announced it will shut down production for one week, at the end of July. The plant’s General Manager says the shutdown will last from July 30th to August 5th.

Chris Baby says while the plant had a good runup in June, things have slowed down in July, leaving the facility with a big inventory that needs clearing.
Baby says it will be a complete production shutdown, though the plant will likely do some routine maintainance.

Now, while the plant has been forced to occasionally curtail production (it has shut the doors two other times since the US housing market collapse began last year), it hasn’t fallen victim to the same fate as many other mills in the Province.

As for how the plant has stayed afloat, Chris Baby says it’s a question of good management.
Baby says the burning down of the North Central Plywood Plant in Prince George two months ago doesn’t impact his product, but a mill opening in Slave Lake is adding new competition in an already unstable industry.