If you have ever been bugged by the late-night whine of a mosquito somewhere near your head, you’ll know what the City of Castlegar has in mind, as it fights what it considers a pesky problem.
The city is experimenting with a new device called, the Mosquito Ultrasonic Teenage Deterrent.
The plan is to try to keep groups of misbehaving teens, from gathering in the core of the southeastern B-C city.
The device forces the teens to move on, because it emits piercing noises at high frequencies.
However, the frequencies are so high they cannot be heard by older people who have experienced age-related high frequency hearing loss.
The problem is the device does have a broader target group, than pesky teens—including babies, children and young people, who are not misbehaving.
Besides, who wants a downtown core of over 50 skateboarders.