Two Local Stun Gun Cases

The Fort St. John RCMP has confirmed the recent successful apprehension of two male suspects in separate incidents with the use of stun guns.

What is referred to as a conductive energy weapon was used prior to placing a suspect in handcuffs during the noon hour last Saturday, near the Condill Hotel. Police responded to a complaint of a male being assaulted by several other males. When they arrived they found the alleged victim with what appeared to be head injuries and called for an ambulance. However, police say the man then became erratic and combative, and swung at one officer with a closed fist when an attempt was made to arrest him. That’s when the weapon was used and the suspect was subsequently taken into custody and treated for his alleged assault injuries. Police say no charges have been laid, but, due to a high level of intoxication, the suspect was lodged in a police cell and not released until he was sober.

Also, shortly before 10:00 pm yesterday, police responded to a complaint of another man acting erratically and possibly driving a vehicle while impaired. While they were looking for him they received a call stating he had returned to a 269 Road residence and was in possession of a sword. A suspect brandishing a 3′ sword was then located in the backyard of the residence standing near a camp fire. The suspect was known to have a history of mental health issues. He was bleeding from the arm where he had cut himself.

Negotiations failed to result in his surrender, so, fearing he might further injure himself, police officers used a stun gun to successfully take him into custody. He was taken to the Fort St. John Hospital, under the Mental Health Act, where he was turned over to medical professionals. –

Police say both cases demonstrate how conductive energy weapons can be used in an extremely effective manner to disarm and apprehend individuals acting irrationally.

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