n City Council has approved the first phase in creating a Enerplex Sponsorship Funding Strategy. The strategy involves two phases.

The first phase is to develop a framework for a draft sponsorship agreement. That agreement may include the term, description of fees or commissions and/or in-kind services as well as benefits provided to the sponsor.

In developing Phase 1, it is proposed that the City investigate external resources for input, using a consultant who would provide guidance on how this agreement may look and what’s been done at other facilities similar to the Enerplex.

In response to a question from Larry Evans, City Manager Diane Hunter said this plan is just a plan to get sponsorship donations from corporations.

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The second part of this Strategy is to launch an external awareness plan to promote the sponsorship opportunities. As for when this phase will begin, it could start as early as later this year.

Click here for a copy of the proposed Strategy. Phase 2 as listed in the attached document has been removed now by council.