Oil & Gasoline Prices

There appears to be no stopping the increase in crude oil prices.
In overseas trade this morning they moved to about 145 dollars a barrel and at last word were still pegged in new York at 144 dollars 22 cents U.S.
Yesterday oil set a new record closing price, of one hundred 43 dollars and 57 cents.
A larger-than-expected drop in American stockpiles, coupled with the threat of conflict with Iran, are cited as the latest spike factors.
This latest spike means a barrel of crude has gone up close to 50 dollars, since the end of last year, when it was going for 96 dollars a barrel.
Meantime,the Esso filling station on 93rd avenue and 100th street, has taken local area motorists into new gasoline pricing territory.
It has doubled the Canada Day carbon tax pump hike to five cents a liter, pushing its posted price to a dollar fifty point nine cents.
However at last check, the cities common posted price was holding at a dollar 45 point four.

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