Don’t forget that 10 digit dialing has come into effect across BC today

This means that all telephone calls, including local calls, now require an area code to precede a local number.

10 digit dialing has become a necessity as providers have had to add new area codes in BC and Alberta to meet a growing demand for new numbers. They are 778 in the current 250 region, and 587 in Alberta.

In order to make the transition easier, there will be a transition period for the next three months, wherein callers who dial seven digits will hear a recorded reminder to dial 10 digits next time they place a call.

Beginning on September 8, 2008 all calls must be made with the area code included or they will not be connected.

Businesses and those with automated dialing machines, such as computers, faxes, and security systems are reminded to reprogram their systems, or contact operators to ensure service is set up for 10 digit dialing.

It’s worth mentioning that 10 digit dialing will not affect where and when long-distance charges apply.