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Enjoy a great meal to start your day or stop in for lunch and enjoy home cooked meals.  Located on the Alaska Highway next to Gaslink.  Open 6am to 2pm - Closed some Holidays.Click here to view their menu.

Building Culturally Competent Workplaces

Culturally Competent Workplaces – Over the next 6 months we will be offering tips, stories, and resources to help you create a culturally competent and inclusive workplace.  Why? Because we know that Fort St. John needs workers, and employers want to know how to create that workplace where employees want to stay for the long-term.

Common terms we will use:

  • Newcomer: someone who is new to the area from outside of Canada
  • Welcoming: Accepting with pleasure the occurrence or presence of…
  • Inclusive: Open to everyone; not limited to certain people
  • Cultural Competence: Being able to effectively interact with, engage with, and relate to others from various cultural backgrounds.

This month we will look at the basics: recruiting and hiring.

Recruitment and hiring practices

Reflect on your recruitment practices. How do they compare with these recruitment tips from the Employer's Roadmap  

  • Make sure everyone involved in hiring is aware of the value of international skills and credentials.
  • Provide diversity and cross-cultural training to all employees, including those involved in hiring.
  • Focus on the skills and job experience of the candidates rather than on where they came from or where they gained their education and experience.
  • Outline the selection and interview process in your job postings.
  • When advertising jobs, let workers know that you value international credentials and competencies.
  • Let potential candidates know that your workplace is inclusive and that it welcomes diversity.
  • Post health, safety and employment standards in multiple languages to make employees feel welcome.

Hiring practices for hiring newcomers – Do your practices involve any of excellent tips from this practical list (click here)? Check out this website for other great resources.

By evaluating and refining your recruitment and hiring practices, you will begin the process of becoming “culturally competent,” or being able to effectively interact with, engage with, and relate to others from various cultural backgrounds.

How can you take these tips and begin applying them to your recruitment and hiring process? What are some ways that YOU can make a difference in creating a welcoming and inclusive workplace? 

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