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A clean building says a lot about your business - it should project the kind of first class image you deserve. A clean building provides a safe, healthy environment for you, your employees and your visitors

This Weekend Toni Travelled To Every Corner of the Community

This weekend Tonis travels took her to almost every corner of the community! She hit up the farmers Market in the heart of Fort St John, where she enjoyed some yummy homemade cookies! Then she moved on to the Abbeyfield House Garage Sale, where they stuck it out until 3 pm even through the rain! Next Toni went to the North Peace Cultral Center, where she helped set up the final Artsy fARTsy event for families. After that toni headed all the way out to Charlie Lake Elementary where they hosted the "Home Based Business/ Garage sale." And last but certainly not least she made her way all the way down to Taylor for the Spirit of the Peace Powwow, which was a very incredible event! There was tons of things to look at and man different types of dances, including: Fancy Dancing, Traditional, Jingle dancing, and much more!

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