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What an amazing four months!!


As the coordinator for the Restorative Justice program, I get to work with the people who are completing their agreements. I get to work with people have made bad choices and are trying to repair the harm that was done. For the past four months I have worked with an amazing group of young people, who have surprised me with their desire to learn.

The youth have been helping out all over the community from moving a coffee shop to watering at the community gardens. They have stepped up to help out all over the place. I am so happy for this group of people. They have completed a huge task that they didn’t think would get completed and the change in their perception of community is profound. They have all told me they will volunteer as part of their everyday life because they see the results of hard work and the happiness it brings!

The question I always ask of people participating in the Restorative Justice program is “What did you learn from this experience?” The first answer is “Not to do stupid stuff!” and the second is usually “My actions impact the community….”. That is success! I hope that anyone who participates in the program, understands that their actions have an impact on the community! Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad! As human beings, we should all strive to have a good impact.

I can’t wait to see these individuals when they reach adulthood and branch out into the world. I hope they look back on their experience with the restorative justice program and remember their impact on the community, both good and bad!

If you would like to make a charitable donation to the North Peace Justice Society, please e-mail

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