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We can all be heroes!

I had the chance to attend the Heroes Mess Dinner on Saturday night. It was a very fancy affair. I felt a little out-of-place but I got to meet some interesting people. The different uniforms in the room were so amazing to look at. There was everything from the Red Serge of the RCMP to the green Army Dress Uniform.

The message behind the dinner (in my opinion) is that we can all be heroes. Being a hero doesn’t necessarily mean putting your life on the line for your country, but giving your time for the betterment of others. I watched as Darlene (a triple amputee) was given a standing ovation for delivering CPR to man in cardiac distress and saved his life. Those selfless acts are what helps to define a hero, but there are other types of heroes. The men and women in our community who devote themselves to making our world better are heroes in my mind. Some of them wear uniforms (RCMP, Firemen…) but most of them don’t.

I sat with a woman who describes herself as a stay-at-home mom. She almost forgot to mention she is a part of four or five different not-for-profit boards, donates time for charity and is a strong advocate for women in our community. That to me is a hero. Someone who lives their life to help others. I also had the privilege of seeing four of the City of Fort St. John’s residents, receive the Queen’s Jubilee Medals. Dan and Erin Davies, Ben Lippers and Mike King. These people have worked very hard in our community to make it a better place and their awards were much deserved.

What defines a hero? What makes a hero? Is it a cape and shiny tights rushing in to save man-kind? I don’t think so! Is it our men and women that travel the world fighting for our rights and freedoms? Yes! Is it our first responders that put out fires or put themselves in harm’s way to protect us? Yes! Is it the average man or woman on the street that steps up and helps others? YES! Heroes come in many different packages and you meet them everyday. Stop and say thank you to a hero that you know. My guess is you will be saying thank you a lot for the next few days!

If you would like to make a charitable donation to the North Peace Justice Society, please e-mail

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