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Monday Morning Musings, Community Gardens, and Coffee!

Good Monday morning!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend? The North Peace Justice Society is excited to announce that we will be the lead partner for the FSJ Community Gardens!
I think I can honestly say they may have picked the wrong person for the job! I am a terrible gardener. I can grow tomatoes but not much else. I have decided to change that! I have been reading about community gardens and small container gardening. I am learning a bunch of new things every day! Did you know our gardens are on 102 ave behind the Medical Clinic? There are 48 raised gardening beds? For a $15 dollar deposit you can rent the use of the bed for the season and if you clean your bed at the end of the year you get your money back! That is a great deal!
Planting day will be on May 26th from 10 am – 2 pm! We are planning on having a bbque and music. Hopefully the weather behaves! This year we are adding a new feature! We will have container gardens for the children! Each one of the containers will be a $5 deposit and again you will get your money back at the end of the year of your container is cleaned out. There are so many things that gardening can teach our children! Reading, math, patience, community spirit, and kindness can all be taught using the gardens.

My goal to make the community garden a true community space! If you have any ideas about events we can host in the garden or things we can do to include the community please e-mail! If you would like a plot please call 250*262*7410 and I will get you set up with your piece of terra firma! Now to go and get some coffee! It is Monday morning after all! 

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