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Hazen Sage with special guests Emily Spiller, Ryan Hennessey & Mike Strandberg


Hazen Sage with special guests Emily Spiller,

Ryan Hennessey & Mike Strandberg

Friday, June 8th, 2012 at The Lido


ADVANCE:                                          $10.00 – available at SYSTEMS or THE LIDO

RESERVATIONS OF 4 OR MORE:       $15.00 – call THE LIDO to reserve @ 250-785-3011

THE DOOR:                                         $20.00


Hazen Sage:


Hazen Sage is a cosmic blossoming musical wildflower from Vancouver Island who brings forth boldly & passionately a new melodic sound from his journeys, dreams & adventures he has experienced on this beautiful magical flower of life… With a very distinct & very unique style… blending folky roots with Spanish flamenco… Classic strumming… Old school blues with a naturally sweet layered vocal that grabs & opens the chakras… all the while kicking the big beat on his red pearl master drum of life… Hazen Sage has been known To "Blow the lid off the pop stand" so to speak as the numerous shows they have played render the audience dancing the night away feeling their celestial vibes beating the drum of their lives passionately alive within the moment…


Hazen Sage is a Vancouver island based artisan compiling refreshingly vibrant & captivating new sounds with the love echoed from so very deep within. Hazen brings forth boldly & passionately a new melodic sound from his journeys, dreams & adventures he has experienced on this beautiful magical flower of life. An upbeat old school swing mixed with a groovy latin vibe & sounds of the ancient.

Playing from grade 2 on Hazen's mom showed him a 2/4 picking pattern & some chords in the back of a church. Hazen found himself dragging his mom & grandmas guitars down the hall to practice for countless hours & days. Hazen attended band class in grade 8 playing alto saxophone then shifting towards guitar once again. Soon this turned into playing to his favorite CD's & eventually started composing. Hazen strayed away from institutionalized music to find his musical path on his own. He has played in numerous bands & has played live gigs for years.

Hazen has recorded 3 other albums his first being "Playful Otters" second album "Guild" that was deicated to the CV1 Guild Acoustic he purchased in 2006. What a sound!! He recorded an experimental light industrial album "Unstoppable" with "Invincible & Untouchable" a merging with his current keys player Craig "Vilo" McNeil. Realizing his passions rested within Acoustic World Gypsy Folk Rock Hazen began a journey across Mexico for his next album. While visiting the many beautiful beaches Hazen was hit with a vision that came to him within the sounds of silence. The beach was Tulum & "Sweetgrass" Album had now been born. Hazen started composing songs within the vision he received. Before returning home Hazen returned to Isla Mujeres to his home away from home to play some of his new tunes at Norte Beach. The response was extremely well received. Hazen then returned to Canada fully empowered by his experiences, ready to do all that needed to accomplish & achieve his goal.

Hazen Sage looks forward to sharing his passions with all of you!!…


Emily Spiller:


A hint of Imogen Heap-meets-Zap Mama with a splash of Feist, she blends jazz & blues with layered harmonies over vocal percussion, traveling the globe with her loop machine, laptop and microphones, creating live layers on stage like you've never heard before.


Emily Spiller is a live looping artist. Nominated for five Vancouver Island Music awards in 2011, she won "Female Vocalist of the Year" shortly after returning from an Australian tour and a showcase at Canadian Music Fest in Toronto.  Emily has taken her music through Canada, China, Australia, & New Zealand. She was awarded a FACTOR grant for her EP "The Wonderbro Remixes" (2010), and a CIRRA Groundbreaker Grant in 2011. To date, Emily has three self-released EPs, film & software licenses, collaborated on French duo Urihani's 2009 album, "Music for The Planet", and co-written a track with David Parfit for US Documentary "From Place to Place".


Ryan Hennessey:


“Honestly, I cannot begin to imagine what my life would be like if I chose to follow any other path. Sound and tone and rhythm are such a part of me that I don’t know where I end and where the music begins. I love making music with my friends because it brings us together…consistently…on a level that we can't attain with most other activities. When I’m not playing music…I'm listening to it. And I'm ALWAYS thinking about it.” – Ryan Hennessey 2009

Ryan Hennessey has been performing locally for 13 years and has a well established reputation as a quality performer and person. Ryan was one of the originators of Fort St. John’s current music scene through performing as often as he was able to do so and always with a smile on his face. You may recognize Ryan as a member of local bands Home By Six, Mindset, ANYTOWN and Big Night Out. In November of 2009 Ryan released his first solo album Every Word You Say.


Mike Strandberg:

Mike Strandberg is more than your average good-looking, astro-physicist, time travelling, maverick fighter pilot who enjoys extreme high altitude sky dives in his free time….he is also a passionate music lover and singer/songwriter in his own right.

Hailing from right here in Fort St John, Mike was raised on a healthy diet of good honest rock and sweet harmonies. Who would have thought that ACDC, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin could share the bill with the likes of ABBA, Eagles and Fleetwood Mac! An unlikely combination that created a unique influence on his sound and style.

Mike blends tasteful melodies and soulful grooves that leave you feeling good all night long….. something you do not want to miss!




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