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Be a Kidney Hero: Support the 2012 Fort St. John Kidney Walk

On Sunday September 23rd, 2012 Fort St. John will be hosting The Kidney Foundation’s

Inaugural Fort St. John KIDNEY WALK to help promote organ donor awareness and raise funds for the estimated 240,000 British Columbians who have kidney disease or who are at risk for the disease. The event will take place at 11:00 AM at Centennial Park. 


People living with kidney disease have to spend up to 15 hours a week on dialysis making it difficult for the person with kidney disease and their families in so many ways.

Right now over 430 British Columbians are waiting for a transplant – and most of those are waiting for a kidney. 


On behalf of these patients, we would appreciate it if you would consider promoting and supporting the 2012 KIDNEY WALK. 


The Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC Branch, is a non-profit, grassroots, volunteer-based organization that helps improve the lives of all people affected by kidney disease.  Funds raised provide education and support; increase public awareness of kidney health and organ donation, as well as ongoing research that provides improved treatment options.  

In August 2012, The Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC Branch, will be celebrating five years of community-based Kidney Walks.  In year one, a fledgling group of 7 communities came together to see if they could make a difference in the lives of kidney patients and their families.  They could.  They did.  This year 19 communities around BC are championing this extraordinary grassroots event and together they are joining forces to create a movement to raise funds and increase organ donor awareness.


Be part of this growing movement – be a kidney hero and help us save lives.  Thank you for your consideration to support the 2012 KIDNEY WALK.


Sonja Profittlich

Fort St. John Kidney Walk Coordinator

Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC Branch

Phone: 250.793.3098

Toll free: 1.800.567.8112 ext. 228

Email: fortstjohnwalk@kidney.bc.ca

For more information about the Fort St. John Walk, visit www.fortstjohnkidneywalk.ca   

For more information about kidney health and organ donation, visit www.kidney.bc.ca


Released by:


Bianca Stefan

Provincial Media Coordinator (Intern)

The Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC Branch

Tel: 604-736-9775 x 234



Deborah Tucker

Communications Manager

The Kidney Foundation of Canada, BC Branch

Tel: 604-736-9775 x 230











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