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Weekend Motocross leaves Fort St. John in its dust

Not even a dry and dusty track could keep motocross enthusiast from racing in Fort St. John over the weekend. Over the weekend, riders from all across the Peace Region gathered at the Fort St. John Motocross track, racing in a two-day Moto Club event.

Due to the hot and dry weather Fort St. John has experienced over the summer; the track was quite dry, resulting in large amounts of dust being constantly sprayed throughout the races, while also forcing organizers to constantly water the track, which was done the evening before races, and even during intermissions.

The dryness and resulting clouds of dust forced organizers to call day-one early, as Scott Morrison, an event organizer, said the amount of dust on the track posed to big of a risk for the competing riders. Due to a lack of safe conditions, races were cancelled for the second portion of Saturday.

Lindsey Gropp, a 22 year old rider from Rycroft, Alta, racing in the 125 Junior division, said that despite the less than ideal conditions, its been a fun weekend on the track.

"Well it is dusty, obviously if you're behind a few people it's kind of like riding blind. But I'm having a really good day, so it hasn't really dampened my spirits at all."

Even after Saturday afternoon’s races had been cancelled, organizers were quick to figure out a way to keep the fans entertained and what they came up with, was a perfect plan B.

A big air jump contest was set up to take place instead of a second round of races Saturday, judged by the audience’s applause, with prizes consisting of donations from that same audience.

The improvised contest took place on the tracks biggest jump, providing the fans the best show possible.

Despite the change of plans Saturday, an evening of watering the track lead to a full day of races Sunday, where every division raced twice, once in the morning, another in the afternoon.

Following the day and a half of races, riders produced the following results.  

125 Intermediate/Expert

1. Kyle McGlynn #149, 50 pts ( R1: 25, R2: 25)

2. Brock Leitner # 197, 50 pts (R1: 25: R2: 25)

3. Adam Haycock # 294, 44 pts (R1: 22, R2: 22) FSJ

125 Novice/Junior

1. Bradyn Rouble #497, 50 pts (R1: 25, R2: 25) FSJ

2. Matt Williams #24, 47 pts (R1: 22, R2: 25)

3. Colton Wolsey #55, 47 pts (R1:25, R2: 22)

250 Intermediate/Expert

1. Kyle McGlynn #149, 50 pts (R1:25, R2: 25)

2. Brock Leitner #197, 50 pts (R1:25, R2:25)

3. Kurtis Sutherland #78, 42 pts (R1:20, R2:22)

250 Novice/Junior

1. Brandon Linden # 956, 50 pts (R1:25, R2:25)

2. Daryl Hudak #840, 47 pts (R1:22, R2:25)

3. Jacob Brown #38, 47 (R1:25, R2:22)

50 CC 4-6

1. Ryler Moffatt #616, 47 pts (R1:22, R2: 25)

2. Michael Winters #13, 47 pts (R1:25, R2:22)

3. Jaxon Moffatt #919, 36 pts (R1:18, R2:18)

50 CC 7-9

1. Riley Sorensen #33, 47 pts (R1:22, R2:25)

2. Dawson Ruecker #976, 40 pts (R1:18, R2:22)

3. Landen Goodbun #463 40 pts (R1:25, R2:15) FSJ

65 CC

1. Reed Merrick #130, 50 pts (R1:25, R2:25)

2. Reis Lepine #101, 44 pts (R1:22, R2:22)

2. Zane Lepine #22, 40 pts (R1:20, R2:20)

80 CC 7-11, 12-16

1. Tanner Merrick #281, 50 pts (R1:25, R2:25)

2. Jagger Rohatinsky # 120, 45 pts (R1:20, R2:25)

3. Daniel Sivorot #104, 44 pts (R1:22, R2:22)

Ladies A&B

1. Larissa McGlynn #173, 50 pts (R1:25, R2:25)

2. Meagan Buchanan #41, 50 pts (R1:25, R2:25)

3. Kayleigh Simpson #232, 44 pts (R1:22, R2:22)

Quad A&B

1. Conrad Loyd #419, 50 pts (R1:25, R2:25)

2. Bryton Curry #81, 45 pts (R1:20, R2:25)

3. Kyle Lyth #351, 45 pts (R1:25, R2:20) FSJ


1. Tanner Merrick #281, 50 pts (R1:25, R2:25)

2. Meagan Buchanan #41, 40 pts (R1: 22, R2:18)

3. Tristyn Corliss #133, 35 pts (R1: 20, R2:15)

Vet Master/Jr/25+

1. Darin Graw #222, 50 pts (R1:25, R2:25)

2. Sandy Schumann #713, 50 pts (R1:25, R2:25)

3. Richard Merwin # 470, 47 pts (R1:22, R2:25) FSJ


1. Kyle McGlynn #149, 50 pts (R1:25, R2:25)

2. Justin McGlynn #158, 44 pts (R1:22, R2:22)

3. Brock Leitner #197, 38 pts, (R1:18, R2:20)

4. Adam Haycock #294, 33 pts (R1:15, R2:18) FSJ


For a complete look at the weekend`s results, click here.

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