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Fort St. John shows its strength at strong man competition

This weekend, local tough guys and girls got a chance to show off their strength at the second annual Strong Man Competition at MC Rehab.On Saturday, 9 men and women competed in a variety of events, in front of an audience of over 100.

At the end of the day, more than $500 was raised for the Fort St. John Child Development Centre, through a barbecue and draw for a jersey signed by Red Bull Crashed Ice Champion and Fort St. John firefighter Adam Horst.

All of the competitors tried their hand at flipping a giant tire, tossing a weighted ball, a farmer's walk and pushing a heavy prowler. Those brave enough also made a go at pulling a 26,500 pound semi-trailer, donated by Cascade Trucking.

Even more impressive, is that one athlete, Dillan E., pushed 1,200 pounds on the prowler, which is Teflon skis on rubber. MC Rehab owner Mike Friesen says the coefficient of friction for that is "ridicuous", and that it may have been the heaviest prowler ever pushed on rubber. He's checking with the company that makes them to see if that's true.

This was only the second time this event has happened, and with its success, Friesen hopes it will continue to grow.

"We're going to go bigger and better next year," he says. "Hopefully we can get more sponsors involved next year and make it more town-wide and get it more known.

Results and photos for each athlete are below:

Athlete         Tire Flip       Ball Toss    Farmer's Walk     Heavy Prowler
                    (seconds)    (feet)         (feet)                      (pounds)

Jordan K.     31.65           9.78           450                      450
Brittany M.   27.25           6.68           450                      450
Aiden H.      27.95           22.38         375                       540
Ben M.        22.74           17.48         450                       540
Adam H.      25.79           7.99           750                       820
Mike F.        20.50           7.54           450                       820
Joe B.         26.75           6.90           600                       910
Dillan E.      21.34          13.84          700                      1200
Brent M.     27.91           7.00            440                      1000            

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