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Bert Ambrose crowned two-time track and field champions

There was a repeat victory at yesterday’s School District 60 Elementary Track and Field Championships. All day Tuesday, June 12, students competed in the regional Track and Field event, held at Fort St. John’s Pomeroy Sport Centre, where Bert Ambrose School emerged victorious as repeat Grand Aggregate Champions.

Along with Bert Ambrose, Clearview also finished the day on top, winning the Handicap Trophy, which is awarded to the school which earns the most points based on the size of its student population.

The day long event featured 428 competitors from 13 different schools, who competed in four separate age groups.

Participants competed in a variety of categories as the day progressed, including running races, ranging from 60 metres to 1500 metres, as well as the 4 by 100 relay race.

The fun didn’t stop at racing, as students also showed their strength in the ball throwing event, while also showcasing their vertical capabilities in both the long jump and high jump events.

The long jump was held at the beach volleyball court, while the high jump took place at the Fort St. John Field House.

Currently, individual times and scores are still being tallied, and will have those results as soon as they are presented.

Originally, the championships were scheduled to be held Friday, June 8 at Bert Bowes, but two days of heavy rainfall forced organizers to reschedule the event.  

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