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Riders prepare for race two of Roubaix series

This weekend will be race two of three in the Roubaix Cup Series. On Sunday, March 18, the Blizzard Bike Club will race in the second instalment of the three race series, which will once again begin from Fort St. John’s Baldonnel School.

Since the race’s inception in 1995, racers have been faced with the gravel and snowy winter conditions, while riding on rough, muddy, icy or dusty roads.

Despite the three different routes racers are given the option to race through, each participant will begin from the Baldonnel School at 2 p.m.

The race will also include the option of a shorter gravel loop distance or a ‘pavement only’ loop.

Pat Ferris enters this year’s series as the defending champion, having won the event a record tying four times over the years. He has already put the pressure on his fellow racers, winning last Sunday’s series opening race to lead the 2012 series over Kevin Shaw and George Gamble.

Sunday's forecast predicts snowy conditions with a daytime temperature of minus four degrees.

For more information on the Blizzard Bike Club, contact Ferris Fast Cycles at 250-785-3711, or visit the club’s official website.